Top 20 concert crowd highlight shots 2015

Here’s to those who lined up, who braved hours of cold in the queue, who paid ridiculous price for a watered-down generic beer, who settled for popcorn and nachos for dinner, who got shoved, pushed, elbowed, stepped-on, lost their keys, and broke their phones. To those who persevered and endured…

Here’s to those heard the songs, who lost their voices screaming, who put their arms up, who lit the lighters, who danced for no one and sang with everyone. For those who waited, chanted, shouted, and got their encore.

You were there to live the experience.


Here are my top 20 crowd highlight shots from this year’s Red Bull Sound Select Present: 30 Days in LA.  I was lucky to shoot 9 out of the 30 days.




Camera: Canon 5d MK III
Lenses: Canon 50 1.2, Canon 35 1.4, Canon 135 2.0, Canon 15 2.8, Canon 70-200, Canon 16-35
Custom SLR straps
Sandisk CF Card

To view a wider selection taken together with my other photographer friends, you can visit here:

Posted 2015-12-07
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